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About Eben Nicholls – Principal Web Marketing Consultant


Thanks for visiting our site and please find following a little about myself and my vision, and how it can fit into helping your achieve you online marketing goals.


I have been in the digital marketing environment for over ten years after holding executive marketing roles in both corporate and small business environments for a number of years prior.


I have been fortunate to have held management positions in some the world’s largest online advertising publishers including Australia’s largest digital agencies, and recently working for one of Googles largest global trading partners and NASDAQ listed agencies.

I have seen over the years a significant change in online behaviours and clearly digital marketing now features at the forefront in a large range of marketing initiatives.


The consumption of media through multi device channels have become second nature ingrained behaviours and I have seen early adopters benefit.



I have trained hundreds of consultants across Australia in digital media over the years and seen a great deal come and go due to the ever changing digital landscape – there is so much constant change that it is difficult to keep up with it all, however this is primarily why I love it.


As a technically orientated individual with a passion for researching and problem solving I thoroughly enjoy partnering with clients and project managing visions into reality.

Couple this with the contacts I have made over the years with a large range of extremely talented digital professionals there is not a lot that cannot be built or constructed – the sky really is the limit.



I have a detailed technical understanding of search engines, SEO and PPC practices, analytics analysis and sales and marketing techniques – this brings together a powerful combination of skills to create valuable partnerships with clients.


My aim is to demystify the digital space for customers, understand my customers businesses and strengthen relationships with my clients as put simply their success equals my success.


For a no obligation chat about your project please do not hesitate to contact and I welcome your enquiries.