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Paid Website advertising - Pay per Click or Search Engine Marketing


With over ten years direct experience in working with some of Australia’s largest search engine marketing companies we understand the pros and cons of paid website advertising.


Whilst we do not offer direct management of pay per click or search engine marketing we have a strong understanding of most suppliers in the market and their methodologies.


Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing can provide a valuable effect on customers web traffic volumes, revenue generation and bottom line if managed and applied correctly, as always the devil is in the detail, and this is where we see customers who may spend a significant sum not gain the best value simply by not focusing on the right numbers that matter.


Working with a significant volume of customers over many years we have seen some very ethical providers that prove a great deal of value, unfortunately there are also providers in the market that prey on naivety trying to mask real results simply to have those customer continue to spend on a monthly basis – clearly we disagree with this approach.



We specialise in analysing any provider results in an unbiased and independent way that can give complete clarity around the return your investment – we have seen both exceptional and poor returns and our data driven approach will bring you a new level of understanding in performance.


We are proud of our independence and if the results are great, we’ll reinforce that, if the results are poor we might be able to save you tens of thousands of dollars over the longer term or suggest changes to significantly improve performance levels that can be further monitored over time.



The sole reason we offer this consulting process is to provide our customers peace of mind and offer our knowledge and experience to ensure providers are honest in their approach and our customers gain the maximum value in their digital marketing programs, whatever the investment.


Call us now for a no obligation chat and see if we can assist you in getting more out of your marketing dollars.