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Web Design Nanaimo

web design Nanaimo

With the ever increasing dependence on the internet from everyday citizens in the community, we are seeing a massive value from companies who build websites to showcase their services and attract clientele. Gone are the days where you could advertise in the local newspaper and Yellow Pages and go on about your business. In this day and age, the digital marketing era has changed the way that businesses attract customers. Whether you are looking for home owners for a service or a trade in their local area; or if you are a business looking to sell goods online within the country, one thing is clear that a website is going to be your best value in marketing dollars.

What makes web design services so important is that your website works for you twenty-four hours a day. It is constantly available when your customer has a problem and needs a solution. If you create engaging content that persuades the user to call, email or purchase something from your website, you have this ability day or night and without additional costs. Its miraculous actually, that something with a relatively low initial cost and upkeep can continue to deliver value month after month and year after year.

At 123 Marketing, we pride ourselves and creating value for our web design Nanaimo customers. We analyze your competitors and market and come up with a web design strategy that delivers results. What good is a beautiful website that doesn’t offer an intuitive user experience so that your customer can easily find what they are looking for and not get frustrated and navigate away. Did you know that many user’s close websites that have pop ups? Our research shows that pop ups for lead capture and other annoying tricks, especially when first entering a website, is an easy way to direct a third of your website traffic away? Our web designers take this into account, when building the flow of your website. On an inner page, a pop up might be acceptable and welcomed, perhaps once you have built a level of trust with your user. You need to get into the mind of your customer and give them what they want to the best of your ability. For this reason, we recommend putting pricing on your website. Sure, your competitors will see it, but realistically, your competitors can just call you and find out your pricing too, so it’s hardly a secret. This way, with advertised website pricing, you can build trust with your user by showing your cards upfront and at a time that is most convenient for them. If they are looking at 9pm and your office is closed, they may find another solution by the time that you can call them back and connect with them the following business day. When your affordable pricing is on a professional website, you are more likely to get someone looking to book a service call or appointment instead of calling for more information. Of course, every business is different, and if your pricing is custom or difficult to understand then this model needs to be adjusted. What we recommend is putting a price range for similar services on your website to give the reader an idea of what it costs per service that you offer. Our research has shown a huge amount of anxiety from consumers who have no idea how much a service costs and trying to research the purchase ahead of time. Often, a little bit of pricing information goes a long way to building the trust of your user before your staff even meets them.

For professional web design Nanaimo services with customized responsive website creations, 123 Marketing is your premier choice on Vancouver Island. Our team of expert web designers service North Nanaimo and Nanaimo, BC and other areas like Nanoose and Cedar too. We have experienced designers ready to research and deliver a captivating website that brings you a return on investment for years to come. We also offer website maintenance and search engine optimization so your web design experience can essentially be hands off if your involvement level preference is to do so. Our website architecture complies with the standards set by the industry and our web design team used official Google widgets whenever possible. When we link to a map, its also linked to your Google Business listing to synch your data across platforms with consistent information. We build creative interlinking models that create a spider web of links for crawlers to get the most from your content and deliver higher rankings for your efforts. We offer a guarantee on our web design Nanaimo services and our results will deliver value for years to come.

The next time that you are in the market for the best web design in Nanaimo, BC call 123 Marketing and find out how our simple solutions for your business can deliver bang for your buck time and time again.

web design Nanaimo

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