Digital Marketing Adelaide

digital marketing Adelaide

Whether you are planning to hire a digital marketer for the first time or burned by a mediocre agency, whatever the case, you need to do your research or ask the right questions when hiring a digital marketing agency. Here we have compiled a list of a few important questions to ask when looking for the best agency that specializes in digital marketing Adelaide that can help set you on the right path.

Who are some of your previous clients?

Before hiring any agency, ensure to ask about their previous work and clients. Gaining insight into the type of customers a marketing agency has already worked with can give you a feel about how qualified and competent the company is. So, ask to see past examples of SEO strategies, website builds social media efforts, email campaigns, and more. Moreover, it is also important that the agency has experience in your industry.

How do you plan to work with me?

A reputable and reliable marketing agency should be able to converse the things that need to be done properly. However, that isn’t enough. For your marketing campaigns to produce a better result, the potential marketing agency should be able to work with you on a personal level to meet your goals. So, ask the potential agency if they offer a dedicated point of contact that can work closely with your team.

Can you help a business of my size?

The more important question you should ask is whether a digital marketing company is the right fit for the size of your business. A marketing agency with mostly entry-level clients is not likely the right fit for a medium-sized company. Contrariwise, a digital marketing agency that only helps local businesses such as the restaurants won’t likely be a good fit for a huge corporate franchise business. So, try to figure out if the agency has what it takes to meet your digital marketing needs.

How will you measure success?

Ask the potential digital marketing company what you can expect in terms of analytics and reporting and what methods they utilize to communicate reports on your marketing process and results. It is very important to ask this question because true data doesn’t lie, and the due diligence every digital marketing agency must do when reporting must be accurate, thorough, and important for your company. Good data and reporting from your digital marketing agency won’t only help justify your investment, but also ensure you get the result you need. 

What is included in your fee?

You can’t make a decision without knowing what it cost to hire a particular agency. If you have a budget in mind, ensure the company you hire can meet your budget. That said, you also want to know what is included in your fee. For instance, you don’t want to realize after signing the contract; the agency won’t be offering social media services you assumed you’d be getting.

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digital marketing Adelaide

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