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The question about Search Engine Optimisation is not if but why.


At Nicholls Web Consulting we have demonstrated experience in working with a select group of both local and national clients in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) project management and implementation.

We have delivered and continue to deliver an exceptional SEO result for a range of clients that share our vision of SEO that leads towards both better visibility for important keywords and phrases and increased sales yields from their internet marketing activities.


We have 10 years of experience and have seen the proliferation of SEO companies over the past 3 to 5 years – we have also seen the many questionable claims and techniques that have led to a poor overall experience to many customers.


We follow a strict “white hat” policy, which essentially means we rigidly follow search engines best practice and guidelines, this combined with both and off site techniques deliver a long lasting sustainable effect.

We do not focus on wholesale link building tactics which in our experience can bring short term gain but longer term pain, nor do we try and artificially inflate sites that have little authority – we simply follow a tried and true methodology that brings results that last.



Keeping up with the Jones in SEO is not our mandate, and if you are looking for a spectacular instant result then perhaps we are not the company for you as we know with the experience we have that it rarely lasts, however what we can prove is over time we have gained and maintained excellent results for our customers and we continue to implement solutions that strive for better outcomes for our clients.


SEO can seem like a marathon at times, but if keeping brand integrity is important to you over the long term we are more than happy to show you some local and national success stories and you be the judge.
We are also happy to offer a range of customer details who have worked with us so you can be confident that our approach is a sound investment in your business and its ongoing success.



We have a range of individually based tailored solutions that cater for all business types and we welcome your enquiries.


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