Why Nicholls Web Consulting for Web Design?

Having been part of the web design and development process on hundreds of websites we believe there are key elements to consider to gain the best outcomes.

Increasingly we are seeing complicated website designs that don’t actually focus on the core function of delivering key messages that influence a potential customer into taking action.

We strongly believe that design without ease of use and functionality can be a missed opportunity.

Conversely functionality without a pleasing aesthetic design can have users make negative assumptions and this is to be avoided.

Bringing together a design that resonates with the audience and showcases key points combined with great functionality creates a great user experience which simply leads to better outcomes.

When discussing any new website project we like to first consider the outcome required so we have clear direction in creating a product that suits the purpose and your potential user.

Questions we initially need answered include:

  • Who is the end user and what is their intent.
  • Is there a skew towards a male or female user.
  • What are the key messages to deliver.
  • Is mobile phone searching going to be a major factor in website usage.
  • Is location important to the user – are they coming to you or are you going to them.
  • Is the purpose of the website to actively drive business or simply convey information.
  • What action is expected and desired after the consumer has left the site.
  • What is the customer journey in terms of purchase consideration – is it a need now product or service, or will the customer potentially take their time to consider.


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Our Web Design process.

On the many sites we have worked on, and analysing their traffic, more often than not users only stay for a short period of time taking in key points and these few minutes are critical to ensure the consumers gets a clear picture of your value proposition – with our extensive digital marketing and advertising background this is where we excel.

A great website need not be overly expensive and complicated – simple clean design clearly outlining key points, easy to follow menu structures with great functionality ensure a great user experience, and isn’t that what we are all after.

With a diverse client base from a large range of industry types we can draw from our experience in building you a website that gives every reason for a potential customer to convert into a paying customer.

We consult to small, medium and large businesses for all their website requirements – call now to see how we can deliver a project that your clients will love to use for years to come.