The Benefit of a Good Web Design for Your Adelaide Business!

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“Do not judge a book by its cover!” That might be a piece of good advice in the real world; however, in the online world that is not the case. It only takes a person around 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website and determine whether to stay on it or leave.

With the increasing reliance on technology and online surfing, good web design for your Adelaide business is not just beneficial. It is indispensable. Nowadays, your website is the modern-day equivalent to a shop window. Therefore, you want its web design to be engaging to attract more customers.


Online, everything is very fast-paced. Your Adelaide business website will be subjected to an extreme level of snap judgements. Within a few seconds, the web design will affect how people perceive the credibility of your Adelaide business.

Clear, well-organized and easily navigable web design will more likely build customers’ confidence in your brand. They will trust your Adelaide business and make more purchases. On the other hand, unprofessional web design could make visitors feel that your Adelaide business is not well established and outdated.

Lower Bounce Rates

Did you know that 38 per cent of people will stop engaging with a website if its web design or content were unattractive?

It is simple economics. There is a surplus of supply; any keyword people search for will result in multiple website suggestions in the search results.

Consequently, any website will be judged swiftly and ruthlessly, and the users will not have much tolerance for bad web design.

Meanwhile, useful, engaging web design will provide a much better user experience for your visitors. It will encourage them to stick around for a more extended period and explore other areas of your Adelaide business website.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Every website in the world wants to rank at the top spots of Google search results. Ranking high in the search engine results is one of the best methods to gain organic traffic and new clientele. One way to increase your chances of reaching these top search results is by using SEO in your web design.

If your web design is outdated, the website will not get indexed and ranked by the search engines. With the help of a professional web design team, you will be able to get a search engine friendly web design that is SEO optimized.

At Nicholls Web Consulting, we know that great web design does not need to be complicated and overpriced. On the contrary, a simple, clean web design that focuses on the key points will provide your clients with excellent user experience. You will want to highlight it with an easy to follow menu structure that will encourage them to convert into paying customers.

With Nicholls Web Consulting, you will get more than just professional web design. Call us now to give your Adelaide business the web design it deserves!

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