Why Your Business Needs SEO!

SEO Adelaide

How did you go about hunting for a specific product or service the last time you had to? Most probably, you searched for it on Google, scanned a couple of the top results, did your research and contacted the business that sounded better and convinced you more.
Nowadays, most customers go through the same process before they make a purchase. That is why your Adelaide business needs SEO. Through this process, your website will be more visible to your potential customers when they search for keywords or phrases related to your products or services.

Every minute that passes without having an effective SEO strategy in place for your Adelaide business, you are losing money. Some consultants treat SEO in Adelaide like a marathon, not us. At Nicholls Web Consulting, we focus more on the long-term results.

Primary Source of Website Traffic

One of the most rewarding benefits of SEO is that it improves the online presence and visibility of your business in the search results. It is estimated that 93 per cent of the online experiences start with using a search engine.

Every second, Google processes more than 40,000 queries on average. It means there are millions of online opportunities awaiting any business that could be easily found on search engines.

Pull vs Push Quality Traffic

Organic traffic driven to your website from search engines is considered the best traffic. It comes from people who are looking for your business to solve their problems or meet their demands.

Unlike traffic resulting from paid ads that “push” people to your website and try to persuade them to make a purchase, SEO “pulls” potential customers who are already interested in your products or services and are searching for them. That is why organic search traffic has the best conversion rates in online marketing tools.

Trust and Credibility

Did you know that Google is the most visited website in the world? It means that most people trust Google and use it regularly to find anything. Ranking high on Google search results will make searchers regard your Adelaide business a trusted and credible source. A good and effective SEO strategy and an optimized website will put your Adelaide business up there.

SEO Is Relatively Cheap

With a strong SEO strategy, you will not need to pay your money on ads for your Adelaide business anymore. SEO will drive quality traffic to your website, without costing you per click.

High-quality SEO has a very high ROI. Many business owners consider the money they pay on SEO consultancy a long-term investment. It promotes your Adelaide business 24/7. It is why the SEO industry is approaching $80 billion.

At Nicholls Web Consulting, we follow the best SEO practice policies to give your Adelaide business a lasting, sustainable effect. Our previous SEO management and implementation projects include a select group of both local Adelaide businesses, as well as national clients. Call us today, to speak with one of our SEO consultants and discuss how our SEO services can take your Adelaide business to the next level!

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