You Know You Need SEO, but Do You Know Why? Let`s Look at What SEO Involves!

SEO for Business Adelaide

The Adelaide SEO industry is surrounded by mystery. Not many business owners know what goes on behind the scenes.
At Nicholls Web Consulting, we value transparency. That is why we always do our best to explain to our clients what our SEO process involves. So here is a snapshot of the main aspects we work on:

Keyword Research

The whole SEO process starts with keyword research. It is the most critical stage of building your Adelaide SEO strategy, as everything else will be developed based on it. We have to pinpoint essential keywords your target customers are searching for online.

successful SEO campaign of any size relies on correct keyword selection. Therefore, we have to find the most relevant keywords for your Adelaide business. Otherwise, you will be building a strong online presence where your customers are not searching for you.

Website Evaluation

The current status of your website and its ranking for selected keywords should be evaluated to get a basic idea of what needs to be improved. The result should be a list of on and off-page activities that our team will work on to improve the ranking of your Adelaide business in the search results.

On-Page SEO Optimization

After recent algorithm updates, Google has become more intelligent. Just creating some keyword rich content will not help your website rank high in Google search results anymore. Your content should be original, useful and contains valuable information to the readers.
The website and URL structure also matter a lot. Google will reward a mobile-friendly, fast-loading and regularly updated website with a higher rank in the search results.

Link Building and Off-Page SEO Optimization

Google needs proof that your Adelaide business is legitimate. Links pointing to your website will boost your credibility with Google. They must be links from high-quality sources, though. Signals from poor websites that are not relevant to your Adelaide business will not win you higher ranks in the search results. You must build links from credible websites and also from social media platforms; a real company must have a strong social media presence.

Monitor Results and Repeat

SEO is not a one-time marketing activity. Google algorithms are, and the ranking order is not static either. Your website content needs updating, and the whole SEO process must also be updated and continuously repeated if you want to preserve your Adelaide business’s high ranks.

Throughout our ten years of experience in the field, we have seen other SEO companies apply questionable techniques that resulted in a lousy overall SEO experience to many customers. At Nicholls Web Consulting, we only follow the best SEO practice policies to grant your Adelaide business long-lasting and sustainable results. If you want your Adelaide business to experience exceptional SEO results, speak to one of our SEO consultants today!

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